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Advanced Junior Chef Program

Create-a-Cook Camp Adv Junior Chef Program
Chef Jarrett Young & Chef Maria Crann

Are you Serious about Cooking?

Are you serious about cooking?  Do you want to learn the skills needed to take your culinary knowledge to the next level?  In our Advanced Junior Chef Program, you will be part of an immersive culinary experience designed to build your culinary skills and develop your knowledge of the fundamentals of cooking.  Whether you are interested in a career in the culinary arts or just want to learn how to prepare show-stopping meals at home this program is for you!

Junior chefs will learn:

  • In-depth knife skills

  • Advanced kitchen safety

  • Proper food handling

  • How to prepare basic sauces

  • Proper Seafood Preparation

  • Advanced Baking Techniques

Students at Create-a-Cook Camp
Mexican Cuisine at Create-a-Cook Camp!
Dessert at Create-a-Cook Camp
Yummy at Create-a-Cook Camp
Chef Maria Crann and Cooking Camp Students
Breakfast for Dinner at Create-a-Cook Camp

Advanced Junior Chef Program

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