Create-a-Cook Website Redevelopment


  1. New Photos and Bios

  2. Update on the store.- Add grab a day one week prior to class if class isn’t full.

  3. Add capability for registration forms to be completed when person registers for class.

  4. Automatic cap on classes

  5. Gift certificate purchases/ Need to be able to deduct from the amount in the “store”

  6. Add a calendar???

  7. email list for all registered

  8. Addition of the 2 week intense program

  9. Thank you email after class ends linked to Google review(not sure if he does this or we have to do it)

  10. Add a virtual kitchen tour to the site

  11. Start date-End date June 22nd-August 7th

  12. Sibling discounts- 5%

  13. Multiple class discounts-5%

  14. Are we keeping the same themes




Things we were thinking about-


Having kids vote on recipes to make for the week

Listing what were are making prior to class on the webpage

Do we want to add a Blog or recipes? - Direct FB/IG to our website

The list of changes we would like to see are as follows:

1. We would the two pictures on the home page changed because they are older. Feel free to pick from the new pictures we just sent you. We suggest the photo of Maria and me with the girls on July 9th. Our suggestions are only if the photo fits of course.

2.we would also like the bottom picture on the Advanced Junior Chef Program (AJCP) page changed. Are you able to do multiple photos in the same length or does it have to be one picture stretched? Either way, we would like to see a shot of a student-focused or an action shot.

3. Can you please move our photo from AJCP to the contact us page.

4. Can we discuss how/what needs to happen in order to process gift cards?

5. Can we change the plain white background to have an effect or maybe a different shade of white? Something similar to the bubbles on the orange of the homepage.

6. Are we able to take the orange heart (that's what it looks like) next to "Read Our Blog" and make it the small chef hat from our logo?

7. If you can find a different bio pic for me with the students that works well and I am standing up then let's use it. If not I added a shot of me in google photos and I'll get one with students this summer.