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Our Story

Create-a-Cook Camp About Us

At Create-a-Cook, we believe that cooking is a form of self-expression, and we encourage our students to think like chefs and explore their creativity while learning basic to advanced culinary techniques. Our classes are designed to be interactive and fun, allowing students to gain hands-on experience while learning the art of cooking.


We offer a wide range of classes, from basic knife skills to advanced pastry techniques, and everything in between. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced cook, we have a class that will challenge and inspire you.


Join us at Create-a-Cook and discover the joy of cooking while developing your skills and creativity in the kitchen.

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Our Chefs


Chef Jarrett K. Young

Co-Founder & CEO 

Jarrett is a seasoned chef with a wealth of experience in culinary education and professional cooking. From teaching high school students at a Technical College High School to becoming the Director of the Culinary Arts Summer Cooking School, he has worked with individuals of different ages and backgrounds.

Jarrett’s culinary journey began in 1996 at Central Montco Technical High School (formerly Center for Technical Studies) in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, where he is currently a chef instructor—his time at the school provided a strong foundation in cooking, which he built upon at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Hyde Park, New York. During his studies, Jarrett’s passion for culinary arts flourished. To further refine his skills, he trained under French Master Chef Dominique Filoni at Savona Cucina Della Costa, a world-renowned restaurant. With this impressive background, it’s clear that Jarrett is a highly skilled and experienced instructor.


Jarrett's personality and sense of humor allow people of all ages to feel comfortable and enjoy cooking. He has a unique ability to teach and make the art of cooking fun, giving it a different flavor for people who never knew they could enjoy it so much.


Through his experiences, Jarrett developed a desire to share his knowledge and love of cooking with others. He is patient, understanding, and passionate about helping others learn and discover their own passion for cooking.

Meet our chefs that make the Create-a-Cook brand thrive! Our chefs come from all aspects of the culinary arts realm and their love and passion for food shines bright. Through their hard work and dedication, these chefs have become an integral part of the Create-a-Cook experience, sharing their knowledge of culinary arts with our Junior Chefs and helping create lifelong memories. We are all so grateful for their participation and the culinary knowledge they share with our Junior Chefs!

Chef Lindsay Hills

Since Lindsay was a child, she has always been fascinated by food. In fact, she stole it right out of people's hands to try it! Her love of food started at a young age, and that passion grew stronger. 


She was born in Virginia and raised in New Jersey, and she now lives in Coatesville, Chester County, PA. She graduated from Coatesville Senior High School and the Culinary Arts Program at The Technical College High School Brandywine Campus. She is also a proud Culinary Institute of America (CIA) graduate in Hyde Park, New York. 


During her time at the CIA, she spent four months on an externship at the Addison Reserve Country Club in Delray Beach, Florida, where she gained experience in the culinary arts field while working alongside incredible chefs. In addition, she worked at Restaurant Alba in Malvern, PA, and enjoyed cooking for Martha Stewart. She also cooked on a Philadelphia cooking show with her high school chef instructor, Chef Jarrett Young, owner of Create-a-Cook, who she still considers her mentor. 

In addition to her work with Create-a-Cook, teaching kids how to cook at a summer camp program alongside Chef Young, she is a Personal Chef and owner of Lindsay's Lunch Box in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Her passion is food and the joy it brings into people's lives, and she enjoys sharing that passion with the Junior Chefs at Create-a-Cook!

Image by Lucas Kapla

Chef Carisa Hamilton

Carisa's journey in the culinary world began at a young age, as she found her passion for cooking and baking while spending time in the kitchen with her grandmother. Growing up in southern Pennsylvania and now residing in bustling Philadelphia, Carisa has developed a deep appreciation for the vibrant food scene and diverse culinary experiences the city has to offer.

She pursued her culinary education at Avon Grove High School and the Culinary Arts Program at Technical College High School Pennock's Bridge campus. Eager to expand her knowledge and skills, Carisa then enrolled at Johnson & Wales University (JWU) in Providence, Rhode Island, where she earned her Associate's degree in Baking & Pastry Arts.

Carisa's professional journey started at Jenners Pond Retirement Community, where she gained experience as a server, prep cook, and pastry assistant. She further honed her skills at Wegmans Food Market, specializing in prepared foods, and later at Dupont Country Club in Wilmington, Delaware.

In 2019, Carisa seized the opportunity to return to the Culinary Arts Program, this time as an instructional assistant. It was during this period that she discovered her passion for teaching and began to explore the art of culinary instruction. Currently, Carisa serves as the Culinary Arts instructor at Technical College High School Pickering Campus, where she imparts her knowledge and expertise to aspiring culinary enthusiasts.

With a rich background in baking, pastry, and culinary arts, Carisa brings a wealth of experience and a genuine love for her craft to her teaching role. Her journey has been marked by a strong commitment to continuous learning and a dedication to nurturing the culinary talents of her students.

Chef Carisa Hamilton Bio Pic

Chef's Apprentence Connor

Connor, a dynamic 16-year-old with an insatiable passion for food and a rich tapestry of life experiences. Born in the vibrant city of Philadelphia, he embarked on a journey that took him to various corners of the United States before finally settling back in Pennsylvania. This diverse upbringing has exposed Connor to a wide array of culinary traditions and flavors, further fueling his love for all things food-related.

Connor's fascination with the culinary arts began when he was 14 years old, and he quickly realized that cooking was his true calling. Since then, he has eagerly lent a helping hand in his family's kitchen, assisting in prepping dinner every single night. Through this daily practice, he honed his skills, developed an intuitive understanding of flavors, and fostered a deep appreciation for the joy of creating delicious meals.

Currently, Connor finds himself embracing a thrilling opportunity as an intern at the renowned Create-a-Cook Cooking Camp. This invaluable experience allows him to immerse himself in a professional culinary environment, learn from experienced chefs, and connect with fellow food enthusiasts who share his passion. As an intern, Connor actively contributes to cooking demonstrations, assists in camp activities, and shares his culinary knowledge and enthusiasm with aspiring chefs of all ages. Beyond his involvement with Create-a-Cook, Connor's diverse upbringing has exposed him to various regional cuisines throughout the United States. His time in northern New Jersey, California, and other places has given him a deep appreciation for the culinary tapestry that makes up American cuisine. He treasures the memories and flavors acquired during his travels, drawing inspiration from each unique culinary experience.

When he's not in the kitchen, Connor is an avid explorer of local food scenes and farmers' markets, always on the lookout for new and exciting ingredients to incorporate into his culinary creations. His inquisitive nature fuels his constant search for new recipes, techniques, and cultural influences, broadening his culinary horizons with each discovery.

Connor's dream is to continue his culinary journey by attending a prestigious culinary institute and eventually establishing his own restaurant. He aspires to create a welcoming space where he can showcase his innovative approach to cuisine while honoring the diverse flavors that have shaped his culinary identity.

With his boundless enthusiasm, diverse background, and dedication to his craft, Connor is well on his way to achieving his culinary aspirations. His unwavering love for food, nurtured by his experiences across the United States, combined with his internship at Create-a-Cook, serves as a strong foundation for a promising future in the world of gastronomy.

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