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Week 1 Recap of Summer Flavors at Central Montco Technical High School!

Our junior chefs enjoying the beautiful weather on their mid-day break!

Welcome to Summer Flavors!

Our Summer Cooking Camp at the Central Montco Technical High School started with a burst of flavors, welcoming 19 enthusiastic junior chefs eager to explore the diverse tastes of the season. This week, our budding junior chefs immersed themselves in the Summer Flavors program, mastering a variety of recipes that epitomize the essence of summer.

A Week of Tasty Discoveries and Culinary Fun

Learning the art of grilling!

Monday: Grilled Summer Corn Nachos with Crema & Strawberry Short-cup-cake

The week began with a delightful fusion of savory and sweet. Our junior chefs prepared Grilled Summer Corn Nachos, discovering the joys of grilling fresh corn and creating a tangy crema. The culinary adventure continued with Strawberry Short-cup-cakes, combining the softness of vanilla tea cake with a luscious strawberry jam filling and topped with vanilla yogurt Chantilly cream.


  • Grilling techniques for summer corn and making a creamy topping.

  • Assembling nachos with balanced flavors and textures.

  • Baking vanilla tea cakes and crafting a rich strawberry jam.


Tuesday: Bruschetta Grilled Chicken with Balsamic & Orzo & Pina Colada French Macarons

Tuesday introduced our junior chefs to the elegance of Bruschetta Grilled Chicken, perfectly paired with balsamic and orzo. They learned the art of grilling chicken to juicy perfection and crafting a tangy balsamic reduction. For dessert, they created Pina Colada French Macarons, mastering the delicate balance required for perfect macarons filled with white chocolate cream cheese frosting and pineapple jam.


  • Grilling chicken and creating a fresh bruschetta topping.

  • Cooking orzo to complement the dish.

  • Perfecting French macarons and exploring tropical flavors.

Summer vegetable baked ziti seasoning time!

Wednesday: Summer Vegetable Baked Ziti & Milk Chocolate Raspberry Tart

Mid-week focused on hearty comfort food with Summer Vegetable Baked Ziti. Our junior chefs incorporated a medley of seasonal vegetables into a classic baked pasta dish. They also crafted Milk Chocolate Raspberry Tarts, exploring the richness of chocolate sable crust filled with milk chocolate ganache and topped with fresh raspberries.


  • Baking techniques for achieving the perfect ziti with vegetables.

  • Creating a smooth milk chocolate ganache.

  • Blending chocolate and raspberry for a balanced tart.

S'mores Fougasse

Thursday: Summer Vegetable and Ground Beef Pizza & S'mores Fougasse

Thursday brought a creative twist to classic favorites. Our junior chefs made Summer Vegetable and Ground Beef Pizza, learning to craft homemade pizza dough and integrate fresh ingredients for a flavorful result. They also created S'mores Fougasse, a unique take on the traditional baguette filled with chocolate, honey glaze, and graham cinnamon sugar.


  • Crafting and baking homemade pizza dough.

  • Combining summer vegetables and seasoned ground beef.

  • Exploring the art of making fougasse with a sweet s’mores twist.

Making memories with friends <3

Beyond the Recipes: Skills and Teamwork

Summer Flavors at Central Montco Technical High School isn’t just about creating delicious dishes; it’s an enriching culinary journey where:

  • Essential cooking skills are honed, from grilling to baking and everything in between.

  • Teamwork and collaboration are fostered as junior chefs work together to bring recipes to life.

  • Creativity and individual expression are encouraged through unique recipe adaptations.

  • Stories and traditions behind summer foods are explored, deepening their appreciation for seasonal delicacies.

A Flavorful Start to Summer

Fun selfies with chef

Our first week of Summer Flavors has been a spectacular success, filled with learning, laughter, and, of course, delicious food. Our junior chefs have gained confidence in their culinary abilities and have created memorable dishes that celebrate the vibrant tastes of summer.

Stay tuned as we continue our journey through the flavors of summer at Create-a-Cook, where every week brings new recipes, skills, and fun in the kitchen!

Join us next week for more exciting adventures and culinary creations as we explore the endless possibilities of summer cooking!

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